Stark 6.5HP Walk-Behind Floor Concrete Cut Off Saw

The Stark 6.5HP Walk-Behind Floor Concrete Cut Off Saw is perfect for smaller jobs such as sidewalks, driveways, and city streets. With its excellent weight distribution, stability, and enhanced maneuverability, it is perfect for use in tight spaces. The easy-removal poly water tank provides ample water flow and volume for optimal performance. The saw features a hinged front, lift-up blade guard that is designed to provide easy blade replacement.

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  • The Stark 6.5HP WalkBehind Floor Concrete Cut Off Saw 14″ is a powerful, portable tool that can be used for small to medium sized projects.
  • This saw has a hinged front blade guard, an easytoreplaceable poly tank, and a built in wheel for easy transportation to jobsites.
  • The saw also features a rotating handle for adjusting cutting depth and a saw position guide to help ensure straighter cuts.
  • Finally, this saw comes equipped with a blade that is designed to cut through both concrete and asphalt surfaces.


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  • Cuts Up To 7/8 Inch Of Concrete
  • Weight Distribution For Excellent Maneuverability
  • Stable And Secure
  • Enhances Maneuverability
  • Rotating Handle For Adjusting Cutting Depth
  • Hinged Front, Lift-Up Blade Guard Is Designed To Provide Easy Blade Replacement


  • May Not Be Suitable For Large Jobs