Best Cordless Screwdriver

Just in case you have never got the chance to use a cordless screwdriver let us just tell you that it amazes us every day that there are still people using regular screwdrivers on mundane tasks. The most affordable cordless screwdrivers are now just as affordable as many of their regular counterparts, and yet a powered tool will help you finish any job much faster and with much better results. We do admit that there are few situations like stubborn screws that just will not come undone, that do, indeed, respond much better to a regular screwdriver, but for any other situation, the cordless is a much better choice. So, in our search for the best cordless screwdriver on the market we have focused on finding the best tool for the money, but we also have taken into consideration the many completely different types of users. So, instead of just choosing the most affordable one, make sure to also go through the in depth reviews we have prepared for you, so you will be able to know exactly what product best fit your needs and just how much money you ought to be spending to get it. You will find the reviews if you will just scroll down past the list itself.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Black & Decker AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdrivergood$Click Here!
Black & Decker LI4000 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartSelect Screwdriver with Magnetic Screw Holdergood$$Click Here!
DEWALT DW920K-2 1/4-Inch 7.2-Volt Cordless Two-Position Screwdriver Kitexcellent$$Click Here!
Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6V Lithium Ion Dual-Position Screwdriver (1.5Ah)very good$$Click Here!
Black & Decker LI2000 3.6-Volt 3-Position Rechargeable Screwdrivergood$$Click Here!

1. Black & Decker AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdriver

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We believe it is not unfair or belittling to say that there are people who have never held a screwdriver in their life, and for those people, as well as for those who only need a screw driver for the occasional in house job, the best choice is the Black & Decker AS6NG Alkaline Cordless Screwdriver. It uses regular AA alkaline batteries so you do not have to worry about the fact that the rechargeable battery will be damaged because it is very seldom used. It comes with just 2 heads, a Philips and a flat head, but the grip is universal so, if you have other heads, they will fit very easily. It switches between driving and removing screws and it is the perfect tool for anything from as simple as assembling Ikea furniture to changing the occasional power plug in your home. In the package you will also find 4 AA batteries, which we found very comforting because that guarantees you can start work from the very first moment when you get the screwdriver in the mail.

2. Black & Decker LI4000 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartSelect Screwdriver

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If you are willing to splash just a little bit more money on a cordless screwdriver, which we believe you should only if you are the type of person that uses one at least once a month, your next best choice is the Black & Decker LI4000 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartSelect Screwdriver. It has several features that actually recommend it as a better tool then the AS6NG we started this article with. It comes with a more complete set of screwdriver heads, including several different sizes of Philips and flat, as well as an Allen key. The battery is a 3.6 Lithium Ion that provides enough power to remove most stubborn screws, and that will last for many hours of job time. The other great thing about a Lithium Ion battery is the fact that it handles better the test time, and it is less damaged by long periods of misuse.

3. DeWalt DW920K-2 7.2-Volt Cordless Screwdriver Kit

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Usually, when we have to deal with competing products from Black & Decker and DeWalt we find that the latter is the most affordable choice, but in this case we have the exact opposite situation. Still, it could be argued that, for the right user, the DeWalt DW920K-2 7.2-Volt Cordless Screwdriver Kit is the more affordable choice. That is because it has a massive 7.2 volt battery which allows you to work for longer periods of time and that delivers much more power for driving in screws into harder materials or for coaxing stubborn screws to come undone. It is actually strong enough that you can use it with anyone of the numerous drill bit heads available on the market and actually drill holes in anything but the strongest materials. The one thing that we do not really like about this offer is the fact that, despite the relatively high price point, you do not get a lot of screwdriver heads. In fact you only get a one double headed piece that you can use for both Philips and flat head screws, but for a more comprehensive kit you will have to pay extra.

4. Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6V Lithium Ion Dual-Position Screwdriver

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If you are a Hitachi fan, they too have an excellent offer on the market, but it is one that we believe is second in terms of quality to the DeWalt so we are only mentioning it here because there are people who deeply believe in the higher built quality of the Hitachi products. The Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6V Lithium Ion Dual-Position Screwdriver does solve some issues that DeWalt left unanswered in the sense that the screwdriver has a built in LED light that helps you work in dark places. It also comes with 2 Lithium Ion batteries which, although not as strong as the one on the DeWalt are actually lighter and therefore make the entire thing easier to use.

5. Black & Decker LI2000 3.6-Volt 3-Position Rechargeable Screwdriver

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The Black & Decker LI2000 3.6-Volt 3-Position Rechargeable Screwdriver is a unique product on the market in the sense that it was designed to be used by the occasional handyman that may only need to use something like this once or 2 times a year. It has a battery guaranteed to hold its charge for 18 months so it really does not matter if you just thorough it in the back of the tool cabinet and only remember about it when and if you need it. It is also very well priced and, we think, it is the most significant threat made to the regular screwdriver market. You will need to have your own screwdriver heads but you can find very cheap kits on the market and some of them are even from impressive producers like DeWalt and Black & Decker. The only cautionary signal we would draw your attention to is the fact that any battery, no matter how good it may be, will eventually give out if you store it on empty.